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The first JD Eicher Vinyl Record!


I’m really excited to tell you that I’m releasing my very first vinyl record, and you can pre-order it now RIGHT HERE :) You get 50% off additional merchandise items when you pre-order, too!

This limited-quantity vinyl is a retrospective collection of the music I’ve released so far, including some songs from the band days (click here to see the track listing and learn more). I hope you’ll check it out and consider adding it to your collection!

Thanks and hope to see you soon,




Thanks for stopping by the site and checking in! I just released a brand new song as a free download to my email subscribers. It’s called, “I’m Comin’ Home.” 

If you aren’t on the email list but would like to check out the song, fear not! You can join HERE and still get the free song download after you confirm your email.

I'm Comin' Home - ARTWORK.png

(I did the artwork for this one all by myself!  I’m 6.)

Hope you like the song! Thanks for being in the loop,



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