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It’s been hard to keep this a secret. Now I can spill the beans! Earlier this year, I began working with Nicholas Sparks and his team on a special, 4-song “soundtrack” for his upcoming novel, “Two By Two.”  This EP is a collection of songs from my existing catalog, selected by Nicholas, along with a new song inspired by the novel.

The band and I are SO thrilled about this opportunity, and Nicholas and his team have been incredibly kind to us and helpful throughout the process. You can read more about it thanks to our friends at The Vindicator, who were kind enough to feature us today. CLICK HERE TO READ.

A little backstory:

Several months ago, my wife and I found out we were expecting, and we were thrilled. Also, I was a little terrified. I love my job, but staying afloat as a “grassroots musician” is pretty tough in general; raising a child on this shoestring budget would be a whole new level of frightening. 

Then this call came in. Nicholas Sparks wants me to write a song. Hope. A chance for a career boost and a little help in the finance department. An opportunity to make more music and do the thing I love.

Then I talked with Nicholas about his novel. The story is about a father and his daughter. I’m having a little girl.

Then my wife and I find out that the book is being released on our wedding anniversary (Oct. 4th). Our due date is later the same month.

I don’t know if I believe in miracles, but this whole thing has felt like a pretty strong argument for their existence. For a guy who has spent years and years driving around with a hodgepodge of gear in his car, fumbling left and right and wondering what he’s doing with his life, this is a moment to pause and be grateful.

To Nicholas and his team, to Jason Sprague and everyone at ADA, to the fantastic crew at Rock Ridge Music, to my bandmates, and to all my friends and family: thank you for believing in this and sticking with me. I needed a little hope. Thanks for giving me all of it.




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