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Thanks for stopping by the site and checking in! I just released a brand new song as a free download to my email subscribers. It’s called, “I’m Comin’ Home.” 

If you aren’t on the email list but would like to check out the song, fear not! You can join HERE and still get the free song download after you confirm your email.

I'm Comin' Home - ARTWORK.png

(I did the artwork for this one all by myself!  I’m 6.)

Hope you like the song! Thanks for being in the loop,



Yo! I’m going on a fall tour. Solo! Stripping these songs back to how they were written - just guitar or piano and a voice. I hope you’ll join me for a night out of music and stories. And hugs. (Only if you want a hug. We can also shake hands? Okay, or we can just nod politely at each other. It’s whatever you want, really.)

   CLICK HERE  for the full calendar with all details.

CLICK HERE for the full calendar with all details.

Hope to see you out there!



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